How To Find The Perfect Study Abroad Internship With Melissa Buerkett

“We help you figure out what you love to do faster” — Melissa Buerkett The first interview I had with a student who studied abroad with Global Experiences was wildly popular. “Man, I wish I could get more interviews like that,” I thought. As luck would have it, a few weeks later I ran into Melissa Buerkett […]

Going With A Friend and Location Selection With Nick Trifelos

“No matter where people come from, they always have bad experiences that have taught them important life skills, and you can always learn from people by gathering and asking them what their experiences have been and what they learned from them.” —Nick Trifelos  Nick (@nick.triff) understood his international internship better than anyone I’ve interviewed to date, […]

What It Was Like To Take A Ferry to Class With Lindsay Vallance

“It’s not going to be that perfectly posed picture that you see on Instagram . . . it’s going to be like those candid pictures that are full of memories and learning experiences and full of adventure.” – Lindsay Vallance Lindsay is the first student on The Study Abroadcast who studied abroad in Bangkok, hell…she is […]