Sue Ronquillo is a Gilman award recipient, and current study abroad advisor at California State University – Monteray Bay. She’s got an incredible story and was nice enough to spend some time with me to share it. 

Thanks again, to Sue and CSMB, you were great throughout this entire process. 


  • Sue’s role at CSUMB [1:04]
  • Why Sue decided to study abroad [1:54]
  • Gilman award winner [3:14]
  • What a typical day looked like for Sue [3:35]
    • M,T,TH,F classes
  • Landing a job right after graduation [4:42] 
  • Traveling
    • Japan, The Phillipines, and Hong Kong
  • Knowing when to clap [6:23]
  • Sue’s classes in Spain [8:16] 
  • A native speaker who had never taken a Spanish class [9:14] 
  • Crouqetas  and Korean BBQ  [10:12]
  • How studying abroad affected Sue’s career [11:48]
  • Working on an MPA [13:02]
  • Why Sue chose Cal State Monetary Bay [13:31]

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