Nubia and Frantzces from Chronicles Abroad

Nubia and Frantzces host a podcast called Chronicles Abroad that inspires international travel through various guests and their stories. It’s a great place to go if you’ve chosen your destination, booked your flight, and are getting ready to depart.

I was fortunate enough to turn the tables on Nubia and Frantzces and hear stories from their own trips and adventures. If you want to savor every moment of your trip, this interview will be perfect for you.

Nubia and Frantzces highlight topics like eating fresh food, getting used to different customs and cultures, and the overall positive effects travel has on a person. We also learn how they decided to start their own podcast around the topic and advice for eager, young travelers like yourselves.

GPS Without The Tickets


  • Nubia and Frantzces’ background [2:24]
  • Starting Chronicles Abroad [5:05]
  • What Chronicles Abroad is about [7:47]
  • Why travel is important [9:02]
  • Being mindful [13:30]
  • What you might not know about India [14:05]
  • Getting acclimated to different customs abroad [16:14]
  • Traveling aspirations and stories [19:15]
  • Nubia and Frantzces’ take on food: fresher is better [22:30]
  • Advice if you’re on the bubble about studying abroad [26:00]

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